Memorial Tributes

In loving memory of my father, 1940-2011 (middle)

Celebrate Their Life

Chameleon Creations

Copies of old photos are limited so have them scanned and make a digital copy for everyone.  These memories can then be handed down to future generations.

The Memorial Video Tribute is an absolute wonderful way to pay tribute to a lost loved one.  We truly believe it is a beautiful heartwarming addition to any funeral/memorial service. 


As the photos unfold the life story is presented to those in attendance in a stunning visual way.  The music compliments and adds to the heartfelt emotions of everyone, and will never be forgotten.


Celebrate their life and the lives they have touched.


You and your family will watch this over and over again!


Let us prepare a TRIBUTE you will always cherish.



Click on the Memorial Tribute button under Video Samples to view a short 3 minute video sample.